Cempedak Ice Cream (Gelato)


100ml / Cup x 6

Cempedak Ice cream is a form of frozen dessert made from real cempedak fruit flesh. We buy
cempedak from fruit wholesaler, then store them for 3-6 days until the fruit is fully ripen. When all the
cempedak is fully ripen, we remove the cempedak flesh one by one from the fruit and use it to
produce cempedak ice cream with minimum usage of sugar, colour and flavour. We use skim milk
instead of milk replacer, canola oil instead of palm oil as one of our main ingredients. The cempedak
ice cream is rich, creamy and tasty as we use the finest ingredients with cempedak flesh during
production. Besides that, we have done countless of research and development to produce the
perfect ice cream overrun consistency. Our cempedak ice cream has a very ‘real’ taste, similar to
eating fresh cempedak with a different texture.
“No Artificial, Synthetic or Unnatural Preservatives”


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