Combo Set (Durian and Cempedak Crispy Roll)



Durian crispy roll is a form of rectangular shaped durian puree wrapped with spring roll pastry.
We make our in house durian puree from scratch using durian flesh. This special blend recipe of
durian puree has a very distinctive durian aroma which is used only in this particular food product.
Each Crispy Durian roll is wrapped carefully one by one by our experienced workers during
The preparation of Crispy roll is very simple. Simply prepare a pot of hot oil and deep fry the durian
crispy roll until golden brown. Let it cool down for approximately 5 minutes and it is ready to be
served. The speciality of this particular dessert roll is having a HOT and crispy popia skin on the
outside yet COLD and creamy durian on the inside.
This a different way to enjoy durian delicacy with a hot and cold sensation; try it and you will not be
Cempedak is also one of the few famous fruits in Malaysia. The fruit itself is about 2-3 feet in length,
which is fairly difficult to finish the whole fruit in one serving due to the large amount of cempedak
flesh within the fruit itself.
The company produces Crispy Cempedak roll, to provide a different variety of choices to our
customers to enjoy a local fruit delicacy. It is made from real cempedak flesh without added synthetic
flavour into the cempedak puree; each and every bite of cempedak crispy roll will provide a
refreshing cempedak taste which will make you crave for more!


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