Dark Chocolate Mochi


30g/pc x 4pcs/Box

What is Mochi?
Mochi originates from Japan, traditionally made in a ceremony called mochitsuki.  In Japan it is also
called as glutinous rice cake. Mochi usually ranges in sizes from 25 – 30g and is molded into semi
round shape and stuffed with various filling paste.
Dark chocolate is one of the favourite desserts among all age group. The overall taste of our dark
chocolate is soft and creamy with high content of cocoa solid. This means it taste more chocolate
and less sweet.
We made dark chocolate paste by using high quality of chocolate compound that consist high
percentage of chocolate content. The taste of chocolate profile was from the chocolate itself without
added any flavour.
Dark chocolate paste that we made also contain milk powder in order to bring a distinctive creamy
taste which is totally different from other chocolate.
Dark Chocolate mochi skin was made from our special blend of mochi skin with added chocolate
powder in order to bring the colour of the skin. Every piece of mochi chocolate was coated with high
quality of chocolate powder.  Imaging 3 layers of chocolate profile from coating, skin to the chocolate
paste, it sure indulged all the chocolate lovers!


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