Durian Mochi


30g/pc x 4pcs/Box

What is Mochi?

Mochi originates from Japan, traditionally made in a ceremony called mochitsuki.  In Japan it is also called as glutinous rice cake. Mochi usually ranges in sizes from 25 – 30g and is molded into semi round shape and stuffed with various filling paste.

Durian is named as the king of fruit; which is high in healthy nutrients such as B vitamins, vitamin C, minerals, fibre etc.  However, it also has a high content of calories and carbohydrates, therefore it’s advisable to consume moderately.

Our Durian puree is made from real durian flesh without any added colouring or flavouring. The defrost time of the mochi durian is around 5 minutes, which is reasonably fast as compared to other mochi brands which requires around 20 minutes of defrosting time before consuming.

We take pride in our durian mochi as it is one our top selling product in the company. Over the years, it has gained popular demand in the domestic and export market. We can ensure to you that our durian mochi will fulfil the dreams of durian lovers out there.


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