Ice Cream Combo (8 Musang King Durian Gelato and 4 Manggo Gelato)


Musang King Durian Ice Cream (Gelato 100ml/cup x 4 Cups)
Mango Ice Cream (Gelato 100ml/cup x 2 Cups)

Malaysia is one of the largest durian fruit producer in the world. Our durian ice cream is made
from smooth, buttery and bright yellow durian flesh. The combination of durian flesh and
skimmed milk provides a unique taste to our durian ice cream, perfect for durian lovers.
Durian is also the king of fruits, a signature fruit which holds great responsibility to produce high
quality durian products. Durian ice cream is one of our company’s biggest pride, as it is made
carefully with assurance of quality to allow customers to be loyal to our brand. We believe
customer satisfaction is the main goal to be successful in business.
“No Artificial, Synthetic or Unnatural Preservatives”
Mango is one of the most popular, delicious and tastiest fruit in the world, it is also one of the
local Malaysian favourite tropical fruit. We screen through and carefully select one of the best
qualities of mangoes with delightful aroma, sweetness, taste and colour.
By using high quality mango, no synthetic flavouring were used to enhance the mango taste in
our mango ice cream. It is very difficult to find mango ice cream without added synthetic flavour
in the market. We assure to you that our mango ice cream is not made from the typical mango
puree stored in a can which is very commercially found. It has a distinctive taste which will
make you come back for more!
“No Artificial, Synthetic or Unnatural Preservatives”


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