Mango Mochi


30g/pc x 4pcs/Box

What is Daifuku Mochi?
Mochi originates from Japan, traditionally made in a ceremony called mochitsuki.  In Japan it is also
called as glutinous rice cake. Mochi usually ranges in sizes from 25 – 30g and is molded into semi
round shape and stuffed with various filling paste.
The fully cooked mango paste is made from fresh mango without additional flavouring. We enhance
the taste of mango by adding vitamin C, which also provides some sourness profile of the mango
paste beside acts as an antioxidant to prevent browning in the mango paste. The yellow colour of
mango mochi skin is due to beta carotene, a natural compound which is commonly found in carrots.
It also has high antioxidant function to the human body and help maintain the health of our eyes.


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