Matcha Mochi


30g/pc x 4pcs/Box

What is Mochi?
Mochi originates from Japan, traditionally made in a ceremony called mochitsuki.  In Japan it is also
called as glutinous rice cake. Mochi usually ranges in sizes from 25 – 30g and is molded into semi
round shape and stuffed with various filling paste.
Matcha in general has amazing health benefits with high content of antioxidants properties, vitamins
and minerals. The aroma and taste of Matcha is more distinct in flavour as compared to green tea,
therefore it gained more popularity among consumers.
We use high quality imported matcha powder from Japan to produce the matcha paste. Matcha
paste with a hint of milk makes it unique and special in terms of taste. No synthetic flavouring or
colouring is added to the matcha paste. We ensure that only the finest ingredients were used, we will
make you crave for more after trying.
Matcha powder provide the natural green colouring and taste of this dessert. Matcha indulgence is
the key to satisfying matcha lovers in the community.


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